See below for price estimates, effective April 1, 2017. Call for more details.

Main Office: (248)338-3310

Scale House: (248)332-6210

SOILS: 1/2 Yard1 Yard2-4 Yards5+ Yards
per yardper yardper yard
Premium Compost$16.00$30.00$29.00$28.00
Plant Mix$17.00$31.00$30.00$29.00
Michigan Peat Moss$23.00$45.00$44.00$42.00

SAND:1/2 Yard1 Yard2-4 Yards5+ Yards
per yardper yardper yard
Fill Sand$12.00$17.00$15.00$14.00
Class II Fill Sand$12.00$18.00$17.00$16.00
Slag Sand$24.00$38.00$37.00$36.00
Mason Sand$17.00$28.00$27.00$26.00
2 NS/Sharp Sand$18.00$30.00$29.00$28.00
Crusher Sand$8.00$13.00$12.00$11.00

MULCH:1/2 Yard1 Yard2-4 Yards5+Yards
per yardper yardper yard
Cedar Bark$25.00$42.00$41.00$40.00
Red Pine Bark$29.00$50.00$49.00$47.00
Triple Hardwood $24.00$34.00$33.00$32.00
Double Hardwood$20.00$32.00$31.00$30.00
Wood Fines$22.00$41.00$40.00$39.00
Red Colored Mulch$23.00$40.00$39.00$38.00
Black Colored Mulch$23.00$40.00$39.00$38.00
Brown Colored Mulch$23.00$40.00$39.00$38.00

STONE: 1/2 Yard1 Yard2-4 Yards5+ Yards
per yardper yardper yard
6A Limestone$18.00$33.00$31.00$30.00
Pea Gravel$21.00$37.00$35.00$34.00
Limestone $19.00$34.00$32.00$31.00
3/8 Down Fines$29.00$53.00$52.00$51.00
Cobblestone 1" to 2"$26.00$41.00$40.00$39.00
6A Crushed Concrete$9.00$15.00$14.00$13.00
21AA Crushed Concrete$8.00$13.00$11.00$10.00
1" to 3" Crushed Concrete$9.00$14.00$13.00$12.00


Monday thru Friday: 7am to 5pm

Saturday: 7am to 3pm


Delivery available for all supplies


 Auburn Hills YardEast Yard
21AA Crushed Concrete$7.75 Ton Scaled$7.75Ton Scaled
1x3 Large Crushed Concrete$9.25 Ton Scaled $9.25 Ton Scaled
6AA Crushed Concrete (1/4" - 1 1/8")N/A$10.75Ton Scaled
Disposable Concrete $10.00 per Axle$10.00 per Axle
Hand Dumpers$10.00 per Load$10.00 per Load
Asphalt Millings$5.00$5.00 > 20 ton
Crusher Sand $8.75 per ton
Fill SandN/A$10.00

There will be a 3 Ton minimum price of $25.00 plus tax at both yards.
For volume tonnage pricing, please call the main office.

Auburn Hills Yard

2260 Auburn Road

Auburn Hills, MI 48326

Scale House: (248)332-6210

East Yard

25501 Sherwood Avenue

Warren, MI 48091

Scale House: (586)757-3612