Cedar Bark

This is a shredded bark that contains a golden brown color and has a red hue. Available for delivery.

Premium Dark Hardwood

This is a double shredded mulch. It is the darkest natural mulch we offer.

Play Scape

This is a MDOT approved chipped bark. It is blonde in color and is mainly used on play grounds.

Red Pine Bark

This is a natural custom blend made from red pine trees. Do not let the name confuse you; it is not red in color but a rich brown. It is a blend of shredded pine and soil. Available for delivery.

Wood Fines

This product is triple shredded making it very fine. It is made from hardwood and is dark in color. It is most commonly used in gardens. This product is recommended in Michigan Gardener magazine.

Red, Black, and Brown Colored Mulch

Brilliant colored mulched that is dyed from all natural vegetable dye. This dye is nontoxic to animals and plants. It is made from hardwood mulch and not ground up pallets. Available for delivery.