A natural product that has been screened as pure topsoil. It is a sandy-lome base and can be used to level off uneven areas, laying grass seed, and garden areas. Available for delivery.

Plant Mix

Our plant mix is a 50/50 blend of topsoil and premium compost. The soil is mixed together and is mainly used in the garden. Available for delivery.

Premium Compost

Compost is an organic material created from the decomposition of leaves and other yard waste. This product is produced over time until it reaches a stability point where it can no longer be broken down and will remain consistent. This product is mainly used in garden for plant. Available for delivery.

Michigan Peat Moss

This product is produced and used throughout Michigan. It is produced by excavating areas that were once wet and scrapping up a grey material called marl. Marl is decomposed calcitic limestone which increases the ph level in soils producing a nutrient rich soil. This soil is very easy for roots to grow and expand in. It is a great product for any type of garden. Available for delivery.